Future of National Botanical Gardens in South Africa

Garden picnic at KirstenboschWhile huge achievements have been made since Kirstenbosch and the other National Botanical Gardens were initially established and developed in the 20th century, South Africa’s National Botanical Gardens will only continue to grow and develop with the on-going and continued support from government, local communities and the private sector.

In coming decades, it will become increasingly important to display not only the plants of the various ecoregions of South Africa, but also the cultural and other biodiversity related features of these areas. In future, people will visit our national botanical gardens as much to learn about our people as to learn about our biodiversity and the intricate relationships between people and their environments.

Click here for a brochure featuring our nine Gardens around the country.

A tenth Garden, Kwelera National Botanical Garden, is currently being developed in the Eastern Cape.

Last updated on 04 December 2015
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