Seasons: Spring at Hantam NBG


Because most of the rain on the Bokkeveld Plateau falls in the winter and spring, the greatest displays of wild flowers occur from August to mid-October, covering areas of the Garden with a kaleidoscope of colours.

Most of the annuals, geophytes and succulents flower at this time, but even though the bright displays of annuals disappear in October, there are interesting plants to be seen until the end of November.


During the flowering season, annuals and geophytes cover the ground in a rich carpet of colour.

The famous red Bulbinella latifolia var. doleritica, the large red-flowered Romulea monadelpha, yellow and chocolate Hesperantha vaginata, and the dull-coloured but highly fragrant Gladiolus scullyi are common.


The annuals include the delicate white Cotula nudicaulis, various species of Nemesia, but especially the striking Nemesia cheiranthus, and mauve-flowered basterpershongerblom, Senecio cakilefolius.

Babiana vanzyliae

The geophytes include many Romuleas, Lachenalias, Ornithogalums, some Hesperanthas and many more genera.

Most spectacular are the brilliant, deep blue Pride-of-Nieuwoudtville, Geissorhiza splendidissima, sky blue bloukalossie, Ixia rapunculoides and the two finest Sparaxis species, the coppery pink Sparaxis elegans and damp loving Sparaxis pillansii. 

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