Seasons: Spring at Harold Porter NBG

Wheelchair visitor on the wetland boardwalkSpring is from September to October. Depending on weather conditions, seasons and flowering times may be earlier or later than mentioned here.

Much of our richly diverse flora are flowering at this time, including proteas and ericas for which the Cape is renowned, as well as a host of other lesser known species. Many of these are in the daisy family. There are also geophytes and some interesting endemics, making it an ideal period for flower shows. Bring a warm jersey and waterproofs - you may need them.

Carpenter bees

With the warming weather the carpenter bees, which live in the thick pole at the corner of the entrance building, become active and may be seen busily collecting pollen from all the flowers belonging to the pea family, such as the water blossom pea with its large mauve and white flowers.

The tiny, superbly coloured Orange Breasted Sunbirds, a fynbos endemic, with their amazingly loud and noisy call, chase one another around the flowering bushes.

Many of the bulbous plants such as the dainty yellow ixia, pink oxalis and the blue geissorhiza which come up in their hundreds on the lawns, are favourites of the foraging baboons which visit the garden. Tall yellow spires of golden sceptre, Wachendorfia thyrsiflora, flower spectacularly along the streams and blend together with a number of other lovely wetland species which can be enjoyed up close from the wetland boardwalk.

Betty's Bay, with its land-based Penguin colony, is on the Whale Route, so not only will you enjoy the many floral gems of the area but you may also be lucky enough to see whales out in the bay from our upper walking trails!

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Last updated on 05 November 2015
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