Seasons: Spring at Karoo Desert NBG

Spring 2015

Spring is announced by the flowering of annual Namaqualand daisies (dimorphothecas) that creates 'rivers' of orange in the landscape.

Spring display in August 2011Later in spring gazanias, ursinias, pelargoniums and vygies (mesembs) burst into a colourful display of lustrous pinks, magentas, reds, yellows, whites and oranges. Flowering depends on the amount of rain the area receives.

Ground orchids, such as Satyrium erectum with its pink flower spikes, flower in the natural areas of the Garden.

Vygie (mesemb) beds in late spring

Later in spring, mesembs, or vygies, start flowering. These cheerful, sun-loving plants come in various colours, except black, blue or brown. A wide variety of vygies are displayed throughout the Garden.


The temperature is still cool at this time of the year. The maximum temperature is about 28°C and early morning temperatures are around 6°C. Snowfall on the surrounding mountains is possible as late as October.

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