Seasons: Spring at KwaZulu-Natal NBG


In September many Garden plants are flowering and have fresh green leaves.

Clivias are usually at their finest from late August to September. We have a large collection of clivias, including some of the rare yellow varieties. They make a spectacular display. Come and enjoy Clivia miniata, C. nobilis, C. robusta, C. caulescens.

Spring annuals and many bulbs, including the blood lily (Scadoxus puniceus), contribute to the colourful Garden environment.spring

Providing a striking contrast to the new green spring foliage and the blue sky are the vivid red and orange flowers of the coral trees, (Erythrina spp.) and the Natal bottlebrush, (Greyia sutherlandii), and wild pomegranate (Burchellia bubalina). Weeping boer-bean (Schotia brachypetala) whose abundant nectar attracts large numbers of birds to the garden. It is not only trees and shrubs that are flowering during spring in the garden. The beautiful, bright yellow flowers of ground covers like (Arctotis arctotoides) also catch the eye.

September bells (Rothmannia globosa) are not to be outdone with their short-lived and sweetly scented white flowers; and lookout for sagewood (Buddleja salviifolia) which attracts many insects such as bees, butterflies and birds at this time too.

clivia in spring

The fruit of the black bird-berry (Psychotria capensis) is also irresistible to birds like Black-eyed and Yellow-bellied Bulbuls, Red-winged Starlings, Robins and Barbets. Bring your binoculars to view the spectacular display during this season when nature's biodiversity is at its best.


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