Outdoor weddings venues at KwaZulu-Natal NBG

Outdoor wedding venuesHalleria Wedding Venue

This spot is ideal for large functions and can accommodate a marquee that is up to 15x45 square metres for 600 guests. It is wheel-chair friendly and is easily accessible from the entrance at its location near Plane Tree Avenue

Facilities provided: Electricity point, water and restrooms.

Restrictions: No amplified music is allowed at this venue. No fire in any form is allowed at this spot.

Outdoor wedding venuesWedding ceremonies on Plane Tree Avenue 

Plane Tree Avenue makes for an unusual and romantic wedding ceremony location. The venue can accommodate up to 400 guests.

Facilities provided: Electricity points, water and restrooms.

Restrictions: No amplified music allowed in this venue.

Outdoor wedding venuesCamellia Wedding Venue

Situated in the colourful camellia section surrounded by spectacular trees that provide ample shade, this spot can accommodate up to 400 guests.

Facility Provided: Restrooms

Restrictions: No amplified music is allowed at this venue.

Outdoor wedding venues

Lakeview Wedding Venue

This space, located near the lake in the Garden, can accommodate more than 200 people.

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For bookings please contact the Garden office:

Tel: 033 344 3585/ 033 344 3321

Fax: 033 344 1284

Email: KZN-NBG@sanbi.org.za

Last updated on 26 November 2015
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