Partnerships and the National Botanical Gardens

South Africa’s national botanical gardens continue to develop and maintain strategic partnerships with a broad range of stakeholders, including corporate sponsorships for concerts and special events being held in the gardens.

Probably the closest relationships that have been developed by the gardens ever since Kirstenbosch was started in 1913, has been with the Botanical Society of South Africa, a non-governmental organisation. Acting as the ‘friends’ of the gardens, local branches of the Botanical Society support both garden-based and in situ conservation efforts that the gardens are involved with. Botanical Society members provide an essential function as volunteers in several of the national botanical gardens. The Botanical Society has also contributed significantly to the infrastructural development of South Africa’s national botanical gardens, particularly in Kirstenbosch, where the largest branch of the society and its Head Office is based.

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Since 1976, Kirstenbosch and other gardens in the national network have been participating in the world-renowned Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show held every year in London, UK, being awarded many gold medals over this period.

Sarah Struys (Kirstenbosch NBG events manager), Nomama Mei (Kirstenbosch NBG horticulturist), David Davidson (designer), Ada van Reenen (team co-ordinator)

Last updated on 20 October 2015
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