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  • Biological Invasions internship application February 2018
    Published 2018 by sanbi
    © sanbi
    application/pdf icon application/pdf 116.39 KB
  • Gymnosperm families and genera
    Family and genus classification of the Gymnosperms as followed in the SA National Plant Checklist.
    Biodiversity lists
    Klopper R.R.
    Published 2015 by SANBI
    © SANBI
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  • Biodiversity and Land Use Independent MidTerm Review Report
    Published 2017 by UNDP
    © UNDP
    application/pdf icon application/pdf 5.31 MB
  • NBA 2011 Marine Component Research Priorities
    Excerpt from the National Biodiversity Assessment: Marine and Coastal Component listing the research priorities for South Africa.
    (Source: National Biodiversity Assessment 2011)
    How to access
    Downloadable as a pdf.
    Sink K, Holness S, Harris L, Majiedt P, Atkinson L, Robinson T, Kirkman S, Hutchings L, Leslie R, Lamberth S, Kerwath S, von der Heyden S, Lombard A, Attwood C, Branch G, Fairweather T, Taljaard S, Weerts S, Cowley P, Awad A, Halpern B, Grantham H, Wolf T.
    Various organisations
    Published 2011 by SANBI
    © SANBI
    application/pdf icon application/pdf 35.94 KB
  • Map of Kirstenbosch Venues, including directions to Kirstenbosch
    Black and white Map of Kirstenbosch, showing venues, parking, and directions to Kirstenbosch from airport and Claremont
    (Source: A.Notten)
    A. Notten
    Published 2016 by SANBI
    © Kirstenbosch, SANBI
    application/pdf icon application/pdf 709.71 KB
  • November 2015 - NIE E-News article
    NIE and partners rolls out the adaptation carpet for potential SGF project recipients
    Tshindane, M
    Published 2016 by SANBI
    © SANBI
    application/pdf icon application/pdf 358.42 KB
  • Policy B4: Specimen loans from herbaria
    Policy document on procedures for processing specimen loans in SANBI herbaria.
    Policy documents
    SANBI staff
    Published 2014 by SANBI
    © SANBI
    application/pdf icon application/pdf 113.79 KB
  • Careers in Botany
    A document giving information on careers and contact details of Tertiary Institutions.
    (Source: Herbarium Information office)
    Beate Holscher
    Beate Holscher
    Published 2007 by SANBI
    © SANBI
    application/pdf icon application/pdf 58.48 KB
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    SANBI Bookshop Catalogue
    SANBI Bookshop Catalogue.
    How to access
    Please access the SANBI Bookshop Catalogue from the SANBI Bookshop webpage
    SANBI corporate documents
    Turck S, Fouche E
    Published 2016 by SANBI Graphics & Editing
    © SANBI
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    Call for comments on Draft Policy for Sustainable Management of Veld (Range) and Forage Resources in South Africa
    Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
    Published 2014 by Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
    © Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
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