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  • SANBI Bookshop order form
    Order form for ordering books from SANBI Bookshop, can be e-mailed or faxed.
    How to access
    Access the document via link provided
    SANBI corporate documents
    Sandra Turck
    Published 2013 by SANBI Publishing
    © SANBI
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    SANBI Bookshop Catalogue
    SANBI Bookshop Catalogue.
    SANBI corporate documents
    Turck S, Fouche E
    Published 2015 by SANBI Publishing
    © SANBI
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    SANBI Biodiversity Series 10: User profiles for the South African offshore environment
    Describes the mining, shipping, fishing, dumping and other activities that take place in the offshore environment.
    SANBI biodiversity series
    Atkinson L., Sink K.
    Published 2008 by SANBI
    © SANBI
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  • Tree List: Western Cape Fynbos
    Western Cape: Fybos. Indigenous trees well suited to sites with Fynbos Gardens on slopes or foothills of mountains.
    Biodiversity lists
    Published 2011 by SANBI
    © SANBI
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  • Tree List: Subtropical, Forested Region
    Subtropical. forested region. Indigenous trees suited to subtropical, forested areas e.g. along the Drakensberg mountains, eastern coast of SA e.g. Port St Johns, Durban, Port Edward, St Lucia, and on the eastern and southern slopes of Table Mountain and Hottentots Holland mountains that are protected from strong winds.
    Biodiversity lists
    Published 2011 by SANBI
    © SANBI
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  • NDFs published by the Minister May 2016
    Policy documents
    Department of Environmental Affairs
    Published 2016 by Department of Environmental Affairs
    © Department of Environmental Affairs
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  • Non-detriment findings report April 2016
    Policy documents
    Michele Pfab
    Published 2016 by N/A Internal report
    © Michele Pfab
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  • Animal pie chart (South Africa)
    A pie chart depicting the species richness in each of the major animal groups in South Africa.
    (Source: Michelle Hamer)
    Biodiversity lists
    Michelle Hamer
    Published 2013 by Unpublished
    © Michelle Hamer
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    SANBI Corporate Strategic Plan 2014-2019
    SANBI Corporate Strategic Plan 2014-2019 - approved by the Board to DEA on 14 February 2014.
    SANBI corporate documents
    Published 2014 by SANBI
    © SANBI
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    Policy documents
    SANBI biodiversity series
    Published 2016 by SANBI,UNEP-WCMC
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