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  • Karoo BioGaps Project Mid-project report on fieldwork, July 2017
    The Karoo BioGaps Project aims to assemble foundational biodiversity data by integrating current fieldwork data with historical data found in South Africa’s museums and herbaria. The consolidated data will support decision-making about infrastructure developments in the Karoo basin.
    Carol Poole
    Published 2017 by SANBI
    © SANBI
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  • GPPHFP Profile Johan Bekker
    Profile of a vegetable seed farmer with important lessons learned about pollination practices.
    Published 2012 by SANBI
    © SANBI
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    Pollinators in Africa booklet
    A small booklet originally published in Zambia, but reprinted for South Africa by SANBI.
    Books and booklets
    Mayes Daphne
    Published 2011 by SANBI
    © Daphne Mayes and Conservation Farming Unit, Zambia
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    SANBI Biodiversity Series 14: National Protected Area Expansion Strategy for 2008
    The NPAES highlights ways in which we can become more efficient and effective in allocating the scarce human and financial resources available for protected area expansion. This report sets targets for protected area expansion, provides maps of the most important areas for protected area expansion, and makes recommendationson mechanisms for protected area expansion.
    SANBI biodiversity series
    Government of South Africa
    Published 2010 by South African Government
    © South African Government
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    SANBI Biodiversity Series 3: The Convention on Biological Diversity: biodiversity, access and benefit-sharing
    This resource deals with the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity, including the sustainable use of biological resources and access to South Africa’s biological resources and benefit-sharing. It was designed to support the outcomes-based approach of the National Curriculum Statement for Further Education and Training (Grades 10–12).
    SANBI biodiversity series
    Le Grange P., Solomon., A.
    Published 2006 by SANBI
    © SANBI
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    SANBI Biodiversity Series 22: Wetlands Classification
    This user manual aims to provide user-friendly guidance for application of the classification system to inland aquatic ecosystems of South Africa.
    SANBI biodiversity series
    Ollis Dean, Snaddon Kate, Job Nancy, Mbona Namhla
    Published 2013 by SANBI
    © SANBI
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    SANBI Biodiversity Series 18: Pollen wasps and flowers in southern Africa
    Includes information on the distribution, species and behaviour of pollen wasps in southern Africa.
    SANBI biodiversity series
    Gess S.K., Gess F.W.
    Published 2011 by SANBI
    © SANBI
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  • BIM Forum programme
    Fatima Parker
    Published 2017 by Rector
    © sanbi
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  • July E-News Article - Swayimane Farmers Exchange
    Small grants facility farmers exchange in Swayimane
    How to access
    contact the climate change office at SANBI
    Tshindane M
    Published 2017 by South African National Biodiversity Institute
    © Barnett M
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    Spreadsheet Template for SAFARIS indexing projects
    Spreadsheet for transcribing Acocks collecting register, specifically for book 8. Information is formatted for pasting into the Transcribe All Text window of the web browser.
    How to access
    Download the spreadsheet, and rename it to create a new copy each time you start to index a new image.
    Powrie L.W.
    Published 2016 by SANBI
    © SANBI
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