2017 Western Cape Biodiversity Spatial Plan now available

07 April 2017


2017 Western Cape Biodiversity Spatial Plan now available

The 2017 Western Cape Biodiversity Spatial Plan (WCBSP) datasets are now available for download on the BGIS website. The WCBSP illustrates vicinities of biodiversity that are significant throughout the Western Cape. The data covers major coastal and estuarine habitats, as well as terrestrial and freshwater realms respectively.

Each municipality has the following datasets: Protected Areas (PAs), Critical Biodiversity Areas (CBAs), Ecological Support Areas (ESAs) and Other Natural Areas (ONAs). The datasets cover the Western Cape municipalities except for the City of Cape Town, which has its own biodiversity network project and associated shape files.

The Western Cape’s Ecosystem Threat Status has also been made available for download. This dataset was developed to more accurately reflect the current threat status of ecosystems in the Western Cape Province, especially in terms of habitat loss.

If you wish to download any other aforementioned datasets, simply go to the 2017 Western Cape Biodiversity Spatial Plan project page. Here, you will find the links to all the spatial layers under the Spatial Dataset subcategory section on the right hand side. Click on the dataset of interest and you will then be redirected to a page where the dataset and the associated metadata can be downloaded.

In conjunction with the above, the 2017 Stewardship sites dataset is now also available.

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