Free State National Botanical Garden launches a Tree Route

19 September 2011

Bonsai Talk

On Saturday 10 September 2011 many exciting things took place at the Free State National Botanical Garden, including the launch of the new Tree Route.

Staff members were buzzing around preparing for the big event which included exhibits and talks by the local Bonsai club and Clivia Society.

The annual Plant Sale was a huge success and a yellow clivia was also raffled. Activities also included a tree planting and pruning demo with a school group. The highlight of the day, of course, was the launch of the new self-guided Tree Route.

Plant sale

The Tree Route

This easy to follow, self-guided Tree Route boasts 43 indigenous trees and shrubs and gives visitors the opportunity to explore and obtain more knowledge of the indigenous tree species growing in the Free State. All the trees on the route are clearly marked with orange tree labels and a specially designed tree booklet provides interesting information with a variety of photographss of each tree on the route. It can be obtained at the Garden Entrance for R20.

Tree planting and pruning workshop

The route is easy to follow and is also partly accessible for people in wheel chairs. It comprises two sections - the first section meanders through the cultivated Garden and is less than one kilometre long, the other section is situated in the Koppie which gives the more adventurous visitors an opportunity to view the trees in their natural environment.

The Tree Booklet

The tree booklet was kindly sponsored by the University of the Free State's Botany Department and the Botanical Society, Free State Branch. Prof Johann du Preez of the Botany Department played an important role in assisting with the identification of the trees on the route.

Tree route coverThis latest addition to the Garden highlights the importance of indigenous trees and the important role trees play in our gardens and in nature by creating an ecologically friendly environment. The route will also serve as an educational tool for the general public, students, scientists and school groups.

Feedback on Tree Route welcome

The day was a huge success and the Free State Garden was privileged to have many visitors attending all the activities. We want to extend an invitation to all people reading this article to support the Garden and to do the route. Your feedback is always valued.

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