Grow Proteas, a new edition of this popular horticultural book is now available

17 December 2013

Grow Proteas cover

The South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) has published a new edition of the book Grow Proteas, one of the titles in the widely acclaimed Kirstenbosch Gardening Series.

The cultivation of South African proteas (a collective term referring to members of the family Proteaceae) for cut flowers, bedding plants and as pot subjects is a world-wide industry with major centres in Australia, Chile, Israel, South Africa and the USA, amongst other countries.          

First published in 1998 and reprinted in 2002, this second edition of Grow Proteas is written for the layperson in an easily readable style and is a greatly expanded, practical work focusing on conservation through cultivation of 100 of the most rewarding wild proteas, accompanied by 245 colour photographs. It includes old favourites like the Blushing Bride (Serruria florida), the Rocket Pincushion (Leucospermum reflexum), the Silver Tree (Leucadendron argenteum) and the King Protea (Protea cynaroides), the national flower of South Africa. There is also a range of exciting new introductions such as the Ladismith Sugarbush (Protea aristata), the Splendid Pagoda (Mimetes splendidus), the Strawberry Spiderhead  (Serruria aemula) and the Hairless Conebush (Leucadendron galpinii).   

Following a historical introduction, a comprehensive chapter on cultivation provides detailed information on planting, watering, feeding, mulching and pruning, and specialist planting lists for clay and alkaline soils, coastal gardens, drought tolerance, frost hardiness and attracting wildlife to the garden. The propagation chapter provides extensive coverage of seed sowing and smoke treatment, preparation and rooting of cuttings, and an in-depth, new section on grafting. This is followed by an informative chapter on pest and disease management.

The main body of text comprises a selection of the best species to grow from the Major Genera (Protea, Leucospermum, Leucadendron, Mimetes and Serruria) and the Minor Genera (Aulax, Brabejum, Diastella, Faurea, Orothamnus and Paranomus). Information for each species includes notes on wild distribution, height and spread, flowering time, suitability for garden or container cultivation, hardiness ratings and recommended propagation methods. A chapter on protea hybrids follows.

The book, written by Graham Duncan, Neville Brown and Louise Nurrish, with Robbie Thomas, is available from the Botanical Society Bookshop at Kirstenbosch and soon at the SANBI Bookshop at the Pretoria National Botanical Garden at R139.

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Submitted by website manager at 03/04/2014 - 15:02
no book is not available electronically at this stage.
Submitted by Emilio Monroy at 01/04/2014 - 2:53
Is it available like e-book ? To buy and download by internet ? Thank's
Submitted by website manager at 10/01/2014 - 11:23
please contact to order seed.
Submitted by Jörn Allwein at 06/01/2014 - 12:51
I am in posession of this book already and nevertheless I want to order the beforementioned Protea seeds. Thanking you, Jörn Allwein, Architect

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