Harold Porter NBG closed until further notice after floods

18 November 2013

Harold Porter NBG flooding

The heavy rains which have taken a great toll on parts of the Western and Eastern Cape have also affected the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden at Betty’s Bay, leading to its closure until further notice. 

With a large catchment area, the Disa Kloof River and Leopard’s Kloof stream meet in the Garden to form the Dawidskraal River. The massive amount of storm water coming down the mountains caused the Dawidskraal River to overflow its banks and sweep through the lower part of the Garden. Certain pathways, service roads and flower beds have been swept away. 

Almost all the staff arrived on Saturday morning to see what they could do to help clean up and we are very grateful to them as well as to many local people who have phoned in to volunteer their services in the clean up. A huge thank you to all of them. A team from Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden has also arrived to help clear some of the damage.

Harold Porter NBG flooding

The main path from the entrance to the restaurant has disappeared and a river now runs through the parking area. Soil and stones and paving have been deposited in swathes across large areas of the Garden. The Entrance building was a metre under water and the Conference Centre, the newly opened Restaurant and Souvenir Shop were also flooded, but because they are on higher ground were affected to a lesser extent.  The parking area was at least a metre under water that was also flooding the main road, Clarence Drive, which runs past the Garden.

In Disa Kloof the approaches to two of the bridges have been washed away and part of the pathway is in danger of collapse, making the area very unsafe. It has not yet been possible to assess the damage to the trails on the mountainside and in Leopard’s Kloof.

Harold Porter NBG flooding

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Submitted by Anonymous at 20/11/2013 - 13:52
Sad news...thankful though that no one got hurt.
Submitted by charlie maimela at 19/11/2013 - 15:47
Very sad.

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