Harold Porter NBG open after big flood clean up

25 November 2013

Harold Porter NBG flood clean-up

Thanks to the hard work and support of staff members and the surrounding community, the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden is now open to the public again. Flooding led to its closure following heavy rains on the weekend of 15 November.

Disaster so often brings out the best in people. This has been proved in a wonderful way at the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden. The staff have demonstrated amazing dedication with curators or their representatives from the other SANBI Gardens together with Christopher Willis, the Garden Director, coming down for a day of team building and hard labour. The Kirstenbosch and the Karoo Desert NBGs have also provided some of their teams to help with the clean up.

Even more heartening has been the response from some of the local community who brought tools and barrows and got down and dirty on portions of the Garden needing attention. Others, unable to come themselves, have sponsored at least 50 days of work by local labourers needing jobs. Almost all this sponsorship has come from the people of Pringle Bay in their personal capacity and this effort has been co-ordinated by Mr Bernard Heydendrich of Naturesscapes, a local landscaping contractor in the area. The Pringle Bay Residents Association has also donated funds. 

Harold Porter NBG flood clean-up

To each and everyone who has contributed in some way to get the Garden back to a semblance of normality we would like to express our sincerest gratitude. 

While the Garden is officially open to visitors, there are still some no-go-areas such as Disa Kloof and other parts of the Garden. We do hope you will come and visit us soon.

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Submitted by Pitso Mojapelo at 26/11/2013 - 22:48
Good citizenry - big up to all those who got their hands dirty for a good cause. God bless

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