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17 November 2011

The Worker Bee Team on site in DurbanAs the 17th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) - COP 17 fast approaches, the buzz in Durban is that a steel structure of impressive proportions is rising up at the Durban Botanic Gardens.

Rumour has it that this structure draws on traditional architecture of Zulu Beehive huts, and is built around a steel framework structure - cleverly combining traditional knowledge with modern materials and technology. It is said that the walls of the structure will be alive - made up of a magnificent array of growing indigenous plant species.

Beehive Hut has 'Living Walls'

This Beehive Hut with its Living Walls will bring together people, engineering and biodiversity (nature) to show that by combining these elements we can find lasting solutions to issues such as climate change. This will herald a new way of thinking - Beehive Thinking.

Watch this space for further developments and prepare to make a bee line for the Beehive.

Project partners

This is a joint project, funded by the Department of Environmental Affairs and UNIDO, and implemented by the South African National Biodiversity Institute, eThekwini Municipality and the Durban Botanic Gardens Trust.

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