Local botanical artist wins gold at WOC with work featuring indigenous orchid

17 October 2014

Eulophia welwitschii,  Jenny Hyde-Johnson - WOC Botanical Art Competition 2014

South African botanical artist Jenny Hyde-Johnson recently won gold in the botanical art competition held during the World Orchid Conference (WOC) that took place at the Sandton Convention Centre 10-14 September 2014.

SANBI’s resident botanical artist at the National Herbarium, Gillian Condy, organised the international competition for the WOC while a number of her colleagues at SANBI Publishing were heavily involved with the planning and support of the conference. The SANBI Bookshop, which is part of SANBI Publishing, was very popular with conference attendees attracting many booklovers to the SANBI exhibition stand.

Janet Snyman's merit award, Phalaenopsis - WOC Botanical Art Competition

The botanical art competition attracted a number of highly skilled masters of the art from countries around the world including England; Ireland; the Netherlands; Germany; Australia; New Zealand; Canada and Malaysia; and some of South Africa’s best. In all, thirty five artists participated in the exhibition.

The diverse range of beautiful orchid species offered the perfect inspiration, producing 72 extremely varied artworks. A number of local artists made a special effort to feature some of the many indigenous species, including the gold winning piece Eulophia welwitschii (sometimes called Eulophia zeyheri) by Hyde-Johnson of Gauteng. Visit SANBI’s plant information website, www.platzafrica.com, for more on Eulophia welwitschii.

Deborah Lambkim image document - WOC Botanical Art Competition 2014

Deborah Lambkin, the official artist for the Royal Horticultural Society Orchid Committee made the trip to South Africa and was rewarded with a silver medal for her “RHS Awards Orchids 2014” painting.

The second Silver medal went to Jade Chan Yoke Heng, a Malaysian artist who recently visited the National Herbarium where she met Condy and other SANBI Publishing staff members.

Oncidium, Jade Chan Yoke Heng - WOC Botanical Art Competition 2014


Gold: Jenny Hyde Johnston, South Africa
Silver: Deborah Lambkim, Ireland - RHS award of Merit 2014
Silver: Jade Chan Yoke Heng, Malaysia
Bronze: Daleen Roodt, South Africa
Bronze: Beverly Allen, Australia
Bronze: Sue Wickison, New Zealand
Merit: Karen Comins, South Africa
Merit: Willie Schlechter, South Africa
Merit: Janet Snyman, South Africa
Merit: Sue J Williams, England
Merit: Sue J Williams, England
Merit: Gillian Condy, South Africa 

Visit www.woc21.org for more information.

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Well done Gillian

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