Review applauds Gouritz Jobs for Carbon project

28 February 2017

Gouritz Jobs for Carbon studyAn independent evaluation of the Jobs for Carbon project has been completed. The report hails the project and provides good advice on the way forward. According to the reviewers, the project objectives were broadly achieved, and certain targets were substantially exceeded. "The project target of restoring 300ha of spekboomveld was exceeded. Some 812ha was initiated into a process of restoration through the project, either through replanting with spekboom or through the exclusion of grazing animals (or both). The plantings show above average survival in comparison to other localities."

Jobs for Carbon: Developing carbon farming in the Klein Karoo is a flagship initiative which combines job creation with conservation. Carbon farming involves the re-establishment of badly degraded spekboom veld through planting spekboom cuttings, allowing the plants to grow a natural canopy, and then leaving the land undisturbed and free from grazing pressures for many years. Spekboom has a natural capacity to store large amounts of carbon, and this enables the generation of income through the sale of carbon credits in national or international markets. This programme offers many benefits: new jobs created in poor rural communities, new income streams from the sale of carbon credits, restored natural environment attracting more tourism, improved rainwater infiltration, etc. 

"The impact of this project on human capital were outstanding. There were 60 success stories – i.e. 60 people changing from what many critics called 'unemployable' to becoming motivated capable labourers skilled in veld restoration and good work practice, and who put food on the table and who paid for schooling." 

Click here to download the evaluation report.

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