SANBI Image Competition now open

11 July 2017

Send images to SANBI for potential use in the publications relating to the National Biodiversity Assessment 2018

Lucky draw prizes available 

SANBI produces many important reports, guidelines, books and other materials and is constantly needing good biodiversity images to accompany the key messages in these publications.

Images of species, ecosystems, people in and/or using biodiversity, landscapes showing a variety of uses adjacent to natural habitats, pressures on biodiversity shown in-situ, multiple uses of nature, biodiversity features and all other biodiversity-related themes will be very useful. Images will be used for the publications relating to the National Biodiversity Assessment 2018, but also for other SANBI publications into the future.

Images used in SANBI publications will acknowledge the photographer as holding copyright of the image.

SEIS is SANBI’s Enterprise Image System, which aims to provide a single secure repository for digital image storage. The system ensures data governance (effective metadata management) and clear content ownership. The metadata is embedded into the image for reuse in various applications, and ensures that information such as the photographer’s name ad usage restrictions always accompany the image. 

Instructions for sending images to SANBI for use in publications:

People external to SANBI cannot currently directly upload images to SEIS, although this functionality will be available in the near future. Currently images and their metadata need to be sent to, after which a SANBI staff member will ensure that the images are stored and available for NBA 2018.

  • Images should preferably be submitted in Tiff format.
  • Images should be submitted in as high resolution as possible. The maximum email size that SANBI can receive is 10MB, so please send multiple emails if you are submitting several images.
  • Eight metadata fields are automatically populated when we receive an image – e.g. date of acquisition, original resolution, file extension, etc.
  • Additional mandatory metadata fields need to be assigned by the manual uploader and therefore you need to supply this information in the email (if one image) or preferably in an excel spreadsheet (if there are multiple images) when you submit your images:
    • Name = Image file name (we record the file name just as you send it in)
    • Institution: The organisation supplying the photograph, e.g. SANBI (or “not applicable” if this image is in your personal capacity).
    • Still image type = Observation (a picture taken by a camera); or 35mm Colour Slide (if you have scanned one in).
    • Photographer = whoever took the photo
    • Keywords = enter keyword terms or phrases to describe the content in the photograph, but do not repeat words already in the other fields. Each keyword must be separated by a comma. An example of keywords submitted for a man planting onions might be “agriculture, farm labourer, farmer, crops, onions, vegetables, plants, male, tractor…”. Please use the scientific name and common name (if a species image), the proper name if applicable (e.g. “Breede River”) and be as descriptive as possible so that we can search for specific themes, ecosystems and activities – e.g. “children, rocky shore, environmental education”; or “ecological infrastructure, wetland, flood mitigation”.
    • Rights statement: the options are:
      • Public domain (use without obtaining permission form the photographer)
      • All rights reserved (permission is needed from the photographer to use in other publications – default assumption is you agree your image can be used in any of the NBA 2018-related publications if submitted for the lucky draw prizes)
      • Creative commons license (conditions apply on the several options, please state an option from:
      • Orphaned works (the photographer is unknown)
  • Date of creation = date when images were taken.
  • Image acquisition system manufacturer and model = name and model of imaging equipment used e.g. Canon 600D; scanner; unknown.

Several lucky draw prizes will be available between June 2017 and December 2018. Each image submitted will enter you into the draw pool. 

Thank you for contributing to NBA 2018.

National Biodiversity Assessment 2011 - front cover

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