SANBI's website gets a facelift

12 December 2014

New PlantZAfrica site

We hope that faithful followers of this site will enjoy the new interface which can be found at

This popular website has been publishing two new Plants of the Week since 2000. The site now contains almost 1600 plant records. Over the next few months we hope to transfer them all to the new site and add the extra data to make advanced searching possible. This will make it easy for gardeners to select just the right plant for their spot.

Site users will be able to leave comments about the plants and upload their own images of the plant. They will also be able to download QR codes to use on plant labels etc.

Bigger information library

Content for this site, which is used by gardeners, tourists, learners and everyone looking for general information about South African plants is provided by horticulturists and scientists at SANBI. 

As a result of a partnership agreement between SANBI and the Botanical Society of South Africa, the information library on the site will also contain many more scanned articles from Veld & Flora, the journal of the Botanical Society, which can be downloaded as pdf documents.

The old site will remain available until all the content has been transferred. Provision has been made for the bookmarks to plant pages on the old site to continue to work on the new site.

We hope you will enjoy our new site!

Call for volunteers

People who are knowledgeable about plants, are based in Cape Town and would like to help with editing and checking plant information for the new site are invited to email Yvonne Reynolds for more information. 

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Submitted by Pam Perry at 15/12/2014 - 18:02
Looking forward to seeing the new look, right now it looks awfully small.

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