South Africa’s first Adaptation Fund projects approved

08 December 2014

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SANBI was accredited as South Africa’s National Implementing Entity (NIE) to the Adaptation Fund, established to benefit communities particularly vulnerable to the impacts climate change, in September 2011.

Since accreditation, SANBI has undertaken a wide range of consultative activities. This has culminated in the finalisation of two detailed project proposals, originally selected from over 70 project applications submitted from all over South Africa.

Foundation for future investments in climate change adaptation

The NIE team are delighted to announce that these two project proposals were approved by the Adaptation Fund Board in October 2014. The projects will start in mid-2015. The approximately US$10 m provided through the Adaptation Fund for these projects will provide an opportunity for South Africa to learn how to develop and implement change adaptation projects that make a real difference to the lives of people who are vulnerable to climate change. Furthermore, the project outcomes will help South Africa to make the case for local level adaptation, and will provide a foundation for future investments in climate change adaptation.

The first approved project “Building resilience in the greater uMngeni catchment, South Africa” (US$ 7 495 055) aims to increase resilience of vulnerable communities through interventions such as early warning systems, climate smart agriculture and climate proofing settlements. This project will be led by the uMgungundlovu District Municipality.

Nation and international interest 

The second approved project “Taking adaptation to the ground: a small grants facility for enabling local level responses to climate change in South Africa” (US$ 2 442 682) will develop and implement a small grant finance mechanism in the context of climate finance, to deliver direct and tangible adaptation benefits with a view to scaling up and replicating this model. This project will be led by SouthSouthNorth and Conservation South Africa, and will be implemented in the Namakwa and Mopani Districts in Northern Cape and Limpopo Provinces respectively. 

There continues to be notable national and international interest in South Africa’s NIE process, and especially in its small grants facility project, which is being recognised as the Adaptation Fund’s first "Enhanced Direct Access" project.

Read more about the Adaptation Fund here.

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