#Spekkies = Hope for the future!

09 November 2016

mediumThe Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve (GCBR) has produced a biosphere-supporting product that will be used to augment restoration and community upliftment efforts run by the GCBR. This product is none other than the plant species Portulacaria afra, better known as spekboom.

The product, to be called #Spekkies, is comprised of specially selected spekboom cuttings presented in varying earth-friendly hardware for sale to the public. The name of #Spekkies represents the attitude about spekboom and what it stands for, with ‘spekkies’ being a term of endearment for Portulacaria afra. #Spekkies is not just about spekboom, it is about hope for the future. 

Spekboom is a seemingly unassuming shrub that, through its unique and proficient carbon-storing abilities, has the potential to significantly reduce atmospheric carbon, and by so doing, help with the fight against climate change.

The spekboom will be sourced in the heart of the Klein Karoo using sustainable harvesting methods. The enterprise will employ individuals from local marginalised communities. The core ethos of #Spekkies is ‘increased carbon sequestration through environmentally sustainable methods that support disadvantaged-community upliftment’. The goal is to bring the carbon-storing abilities of this little powerhouse-plant to the cities and gardens of South Africa in support of the fight against climate change.

For a semi-arid plant species spekboom has been identified as an exceptionally efficient carbon sequestrator and is being promoted throughout ecological and scientific communities as a climate change mitigating species.

Fighting climate change, aiding community upliftment, ecosystem restoration, green jobs, green economy, protecting our planet, protecting our future – one word says it all – #Spekkies.

For more information go to the Jobs4Carbon project on this website: www.gouritz.com

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