Green Climate Fund

A national stakeholder workshop was convened as part of the stakeholder consultation process for the development of the South African National Biodiversity Institute's (SANBI's) first Green Climate Fund (GCF) project: a small grant's facility for climate change adaptation. The workshop was attended by 67 stakeholders representing national and local government, multi-lateral organisations, academia, the private sector, NGOs and community-based organisations. The intention of the workshop was to allow institutions that have distributed or received small grants in South Africa to share challenges and success stories. The constructive discussions held based on these stories will inform the design of the SANBI-led GCF small grants facility.

Click here to access the GCF Enhanced Direct Access (EDA) workshop report and below, links to the Annexures containing presentations and findings.

Annex 1 - Setting the scene, National Policy Context and Introducing the GCF EDA Project Presentation

Annex 2 - Introducing the GCF EDA Project Presentation

Annex 3 - Learning from experiences, Donor Presentations

Annex 4 - Learning from experiences, beneficiaries presentations

Annex 5 - Summary of Information Gathering Sheets Findings

Last updated on 10 April 2017
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